Scientology Disconnection Index

The Church of Scientology has long practiced something called “disconnection” where it enforces its members to discontinue communications and associations with anyone it considers an enemy (or potential enemy) to the Church of Scientology. Unfortunately, too many people are considered an enemy on far too slight of evidence, sometimes just a “thought” is enough to get someone so labelled. The effect of disconnection can be devastating to families — it’s understandably devastating to the person who is shunned, and it can destroy the heart and soul of the person being forced by the Church of Scientology to disconnect from their loved ones.

The Church of Scientology attempts to legitimize its disconnection practices by telling others that it’s similar to the shunning practices of other religions or is a normal societal practice. However, they neglect to tell anyone to what strict degree disconnection is practiced in Scientology and how extreme it is if you honestly compare it to the shunning practices of other religions. When you are just beginning to get into Scientology, the Church of Scientology doesn’t warn you that you’re at risk of losing your family if you don’t recruit them along with you.

Recently, in response to the publication of a book, the Church of Scientology issued a lengthy statement in which it denied the practice of enforced disconnection. In rebuttal to this denial Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige, wrote a letter to the Church of Scientology stating that disconnection is most definitely being practiced today in the Church of Scientology. (Which it is. Read my anaylsis and proof.

What followed was a flurry of activity: the Church of Scientology started actions to get some of their members to disconnect from Jenna, others published long lists of Scientologists who were forced to divorce their spouses or forced to disconnect from their other family members, and someone else published a list of family members from whom the Church of Scientology official had disconnected.

And so was sparked anew the public interest into looking into and analyzing the practice of Scientology disconnection.

The purpose of this website is to be a very simple presentation of the subject of disconnection in Scientology, and to collect and publish personal accounts of Scientology disconnection, such as:

  • children and parents being separated,
  • spouses or lovers being broken up,
  • “friends” dropping friends at the request (or requirement) of a staff member of the Church of Scientology,
  • and business relationships being disrupted (including firing).

The stories on this website will stand alone as expert witness and personal testimony to the Church of Scientology disrupting relationships. The Church of Scientology has repeatedly denied in writing that it enforces its members to disconnect from others while it continues the practice it is so ashamed to admit is part of its written policies.

  1. Read the article “My Analysis: How the Church of Scientology “explains away” the Subject of Disconnection” and see what the Church of Scientology is not telling the public.
  2. The read some of the disconnection stories.
  3. Then, dear reader, please determine for yourself which is true.